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5 Ways Your Real Estate Agent Can Help You Find The Perfect Home

1. Your real estate agent will sit down with you and carefully listen to your wants and expectations. If you encounter an agent who thinks they know what you want or tries to sell you homes that are not what you are looking for, then you need a new agent. You want an agent that truly listens to your needs, concerns, desires, deal breakers, and who really cares about your family. A good real estate agent also will not show you homes outside of your price range. You can afford what you can afford and a good agent will do their best to find you the home you need in your price range. Your real estate agent will have the ability to educate you about the process and keep you informed.

2. Your agent can work solely for you. There are buyer’s agents, seller’s agents and agents who represent both. If you are looking to purchase your dream home, you will want to find a buyer’s agent who will work just for you. This way there is not an obligation or interest in help the seller. When you purchase a property, you don’t want to go through the listing agent to purchase that home. The listing agent’s sole interest is to sell that property, help the seller get top dollar and work on the seller’s behalf.

3. A real estate agent can help you find the right neighborhood. Your agent can use resource tools to help you find the preferences. Your ideal neighborhood should be a place where you feel at home and a place where you feel good about raising your family. Your agent can help you identify areas that fit your needs, while also providing advice about schools, community services and property taxes.

4. Your agent can be a wealth of information. They can help you make the right offer that will get accepted. They can tell you how long the house has been on the market, how many other buyers are interested, how much work might need to be done on the house and how the property compares with other similar properties

5. Your real estate agent will walk you through the entire buying process. They will go over your contract and handle your deposit. When you submit an offer, you’ll likely be asked to make a deposit. This deposit is often referred to as “earnest money.” It’s given to the real estate agent to be held in an escrow account as a show of good faith on your part that you are sincere about your offer. If there are any contingencies they will help you with that as well. Contingencies are conditions that must be satisfied or you will not be required to go through with the purchase after your offer is accepted. They will walk through your closing until you get the keys to your home. Your agent can guide you to the most reputable people. To find a qualified home inspector, ask your lender or real estate agent for names of companies that have a good reputation.

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